About me

Hello Earthlings! 

I'm Laila, but I go by the name Spazzy Newton on the internet. 

I'm from Bergen, Norway, where I work full time as a piercer at Let's Buzz! Tattoo&Piercing. In my spare time I love drawing and designing things. I started out making mostly pop-culture related things, but recently I've been finding a lot more joy in creating more original art.

I love all things sci-fi, spooky, witchy, weird and occult. I tend to get lost in my own head a lot, so creating things is a good way to make sure I don't loose hold of that red thread as I navigate through this maze we call life.

For now all of this is just a hobby, but I hope to some day be able to do create things I like full time. 

Want to get to know me more? Follow me on instagram for works in progress and other random things I like to post. 

See you around!